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Originally Posted by svs View Post
. Will keep the compression low so I can run 87 octane. Had a friend who's an off-roader and fabricator said keep the single ports, 30-PICT and go to 1915cc's with the piston and a 110 long duration cam. Torque monster and real good gas mileage...

Not sure, most everyone else says DP's and that means new carburation..
Listen to your friend, he knows his crap.

SP heads are much better at handling heat and high load conditions (eg: a heavy Baja at low revs up a hill or dune) than DP heads. Best way to get torque is throw a crank in it. Stock Solex and CB Performance centrebranch works really well, adding a SVDA dizzy will cool it better and use a lot less fuel. 110 cam is too big, a 1835 with SP heads will rev clean thru to 5000 with only good valve seats and chambers, a good exhaust (like a cheap Trimil Baja or 2-tip) and 1.25 rockers using a STOCK cam, a 110 cam will only kill the torque under 2200 not add HP until over 4500 (and even then only a few HP). I wouldn't go out as far as 94mm bore personally, with SP heads I'd prefer to run a 76mm crank and 90.5mm "B" pistons (1955cc vs 1915cc), less chance of cracking the cases and better cooling.

Never thought I'd say all this crap on ADVRider!

The other option is to do what everyone else is telling you to do, then put up with soggy throttle response (coz it's only a little engine.......), crap fuel economy compared to other 4 cylinder vehicles (coz it's got really tall tyres........), and limited heat capability and engine life (coz after all it's a 50yr old design........).

But until you've tried a well-built big cc SP motor Superstocker, you'd never know there was anything amiss with everyone elses cookie-cutter VWs.
Who the hell would drag race a Ducati?!?!?!?!
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