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Originally Posted by DesertSurfer View Post
I got to speaking with a KTM 990 tech at the Bend, Ore. KTM Rally last Sept. about wishing I could swap my 950 S for the 950 RR. He pointed out that the 950RR was much heavier and bulkier... as he was able to ride one around ( Paul Krause's Dakar 950). He said it's not a fun bike for stop and go situations with all that extra mass. When I asked "what mass, I thought the 950 RR was lighter, more nimble"? I was politely informed that the nav tower required bigger support bracketry and with the nav gear added alot of up front weight. Also the rear subframe was much beefier, and with the rear aux. tank assembly you really felt the added weight... and that was before being fully fueled. The KTM tech said he'd much rather have the standard R with a few simple mods.

That saved me many sleepless nights of wishful thinking from here on.

But who doesn't LOVE the looks of those bikes... IMHO.

And the 1190 seems like quite a departure from that Rally style too.
Now that is a story!!!!
Have a look at any of the pictures of the 950RR to see for yourself if it is heavier than the 950/990 advnetures;
The rear subrframe has less reinforcement than the production parts as they dont have to carry pillions/luggage, only fuel,
Nav towers (and Im basing this on my 690 rr part) weighs next to nothing, fairings and screen are composite,
No battery or cast iron oil tank weight impacting on the forks,
Lighter frame (pics show less reinforcing lattice).

Obviously I havent ridden the original but having read (at length) of the developement of the bike by Meoni I'll bet it would kick the ass of ANY production offering in both weight, handling and performance.

I cant believe you believed it!!!!!
For those who sit at home and dream-let them...Meoni
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