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Originally Posted by nhbubba View Post
'round here the go-to commuter in my mind is a rusty old 3/4 ton pickup with an equally rusty snow-plow hanging from the front of it and a gun rack across the rear window. Nothing quite says "go ahead, make my day" like that.

But yeah.

And me in my fuel efficient little import. (Or worse, bike!)
I used to drive an F250. You'd be surprised how many people jump in front of you. I can't stop this thing on a dime, you just g'head there...

I can only figure that all the yahoos jumping in front of me figgered 'he's in a truck. He's going slowly...' Which wasn't the case lots of times.

...or maybe 'I can't see around that big truck, so I'm going to get in front of him!' on that one either

Regardless, LOTS of people jumped out in front of me. Aggravating.

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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