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Border day Step 1 leave Nicaragua

One thing I hate to drive in is wind and that means a wind farm is never a good sign. Gusting to 35mph. I guess it could be a lot worse it could be dark and raining.

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Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 11.52.38 AM by Worldwide, on Flickr

I really used to dread the border-crossing day, but as Guaterider says expect the worst, but hope for the best. I really look at as a game now. We really find the horde of “helpers” that descend on you very stressful. We just continue to say no gracias and they eventually get tired of us.

The exit for two bikes and us from Nicaragua and entry to Costa Rica is 3 hours 45 min (2 hours was standing in line to get passport stamp at CR immigration).

Step 1 is to get out of Nicaragua. You stop at small blue shack in the middle of the road where the official looks at your passport and signs your Nicaraguan import permit. Ask for a tourist exit paper. You need to fill this out for exit. Drive past the white Migration building ahead and turn left, then continue past the buildings and go left again around to the back to park.

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Here you pay 1$ each tax and then 4.50$ exit fee at different unmarked windows of course. Keep your receipts. You get your passport exit stamp here as well. Then the official will check your VIN and sign your permit (again).

DSC05298 by Worldwide, on Flickr

Then you need to find a cop to sign and officially stamp your Nicaraguan import permit. Look for them across the lot sitting in the shade under a tree.

DSC05300 by Worldwide, on Flickr

Then take the permit back in side for more signatures.

DSC05303 by Worldwide, on Flickr

DSC05302 by Worldwide, on Flickr

Finally you take your import permit with multiple signatures and give it to the official on the road as you leave Nicaragua.

Next part 2 getting into Costa Rica.

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