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Originally Posted by jpod999 View Post
There really isn't much more out there is there? Going to Thunderhill is great, just sucks that it is in such a shitty location haha
As a veteran of 60+ Thunderhill track days and all 108 pages of this thread, please trust me on this: for the true AntiHero experience you must visit the Maxwell Inn in Maxwell, CA. I don't know how an out-of-the-way bar managed to land a 4-star chef, but they did! The rack of lamb is highly recommended, but everything I've had there has been terrific (though it's been quite a while since I've eaten there). Despite outward appearances, the place is quite a bit fancier than anything else in the area. They've never turned us away, but you'll probably feel more comfortable if you're wearing something other than shorts and a T-shirt.

And remember: if you don't see the polar bear, you're not in the right place!
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