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Originally Posted by Colorado Ron View Post
I never dreamed I would stop riding, but now this has got me thinking twice. The old saying "you know when you know" sure holds true. I just cant believe that I have no desire to ride...... maybe ever.....
Interesting thread. I've been riding since I was 17; am now 63. I've had 7 motorcycles and have put about 300,000 miles in the saddle. During the 80's I rode my BMW R80/7 daily for 6 years, rain/shine, light/dark, hot/cold; one morning I rode to work when it was 24 degrees below zero. Toward the end of the 80's when leaving from home or work I found myself always getting in the far left lane of the interstate and passing everything in sight just to get where I was going; the joy was gone. I realized I was headed for trouble and sold my bike with no intention of ever riding again. Twelve years later my wife asked me if I had ever thought about riding again. I said no! She said I just didn't seem to be having as much fun anymore. That stung a little, so I began to research the newer BMWs and finally bought a GS in 2004. First few months I felt as though I had made a colossal mistake, but with time I found I loved riding every bit as much as I had before. I've been in most States on that bike.
So it's ok to quite riding, but it doesn't necessarily mean you'll never go back to it.
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