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Originally Posted by _lee View Post
Please note that the US Dept. of Transportation requires one of the following for import :

1) Vehicles be older than 25 years old

2) Vehicles UNDER 25 years old must have proof of EPA and DOT conformity in the form of authorized stickers or documents issued by a US state or the manufacturer.
Yup #2 is gonna bite you big time trying to get a new bike through Customs/DOT and released to you. If it doesn't meet current EPA/DOT specs (it won't) there's a time limit I think 90 days(?) to have it brought up to US specs. Must be done correctly and with proper paperwork and relating stickers "from the manufacturer". By the time you have that done(even if possible) you'll have burnt up at least any savings or more money than buying one in the US. Again there's a time limit on this. If it expires they crush the bike. Yup the process is insanely complicated and expensive and risky on purpose to discourage people from what you're trying to do.
Unless you're a rich masochist that just loves banging heads with gov bureaucracy forget the plan and buy a bike here or import a 25 year old one.
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