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Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
I used to drive an F250. You'd be surprised how many people jump in front of you. I can't stop this thing on a dime, you just g'head there...

I can only figure that all the yahoos jumping in front of me figgered 'he's in a truck. He's going slowly...' Which wasn't the case lots of times.

...or maybe 'I can't see around that big truck, so I'm going to get in front of him!' on that one either

Regardless, LOTS of people jumped out in front of me. Aggravating.

Things like this are why I fantasize about building a rotary paint ball cannon. You know, a motorized gatling paint ball gun? Mount it on your roof, then all you need is laser designation, and a program so it can spell out words and phrases on the target vehicle such as "asshole" or "blind-ass MF"
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