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I hear ya!!!

My first thoughts too. But after hearing in great detail from the KTM 990 tech it made complete sense. And since he was able to ride Krause's bike for a summer... he had first had knowledge.

He said the nav bracketry was VERY heavy compared to a stock 9xx. Remember you're not just talking the front subframe... so to speak, but the brackets for Iritrack, road book and a third devise. Plus ballasts, wire looms, cables and fuses under there.

Not only did the tech say the rear subframe was beefed up, but it actually does look that way in photos too. The side supports look thicker and there is a large center brace that looks to protect the battery and and strength. That's in plain sight in the photos to document the KTM tech's insight.

I'm not sure what material they made the aux. tanks out of, but the KTM tech said there was also some frame supports, fuel pumps, tubing and hardware. I would have had no reason to try to argue with that one either. And he said the rear tanks we're noticeably there when walking the bike around. I took that as he meant "could be cumbersome". Again, who was I to argue. Lastly, I think he said Krause's 950RR was 50- 75 lbs. heavier the a stock 990. I got that straight from the KTM Tech at their US headquarter while at the KTM Rally last year who works on the 990's. Since he actually rode Krause's 950RR, I found his insight very interesting . He also said the bikes had taller suspension which widened turning. That's a feature I already dislike on all 9xx's, wide turning.

What he was referring to was for my riding up to the Bend Rally and any other casual riding, a closer to standard 990R would be way more comfortable and enjoyable.

But, hey feel free to go to any KTM tech who's ridden the 950RR and ask him about his comparisons and we'll compare notes.

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Now that is a story!!!!
Have a look at any of the pictures of the 950RR to see for yourself if it is heavier than the 950/990 advnetures;
The rear subrframe has less reinforcement than the production parts as they dont have to carry pillions/luggage, only fuel,
Nav towers (and Im basing this on my 690 rr part) weighs next to nothing, fairings and screen are composite,
No battery or cast iron oil tank weight impacting on the forks,
Lighter frame (pics show less reinforcing lattice).

Obviously I havent ridden the original but having read (at length) of the developement of the bike by Meoni I'll bet it would kick the ass of ANY production offering in both weight, handling and performance.

I cant believe you believed it!!!!!
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