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Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
I used to drive an F250. You'd be surprised how many people jump in front of you. I can't stop this thing on a dime, you just g'head there...

I can only figure that all the yahoos jumping in front of me figgered 'he's in a truck. He's going slowly...' Which wasn't the case lots of times.

...or maybe 'I can't see around that big truck, so I'm going to get in front of him!' on that one either

Regardless, LOTS of people jumped out in front of me. Aggravating.

I drive an F150 Extended-cab long-bed, but drove plenty of loaded F250/F350 trucks, many times with skid-steers on traliers, and i can attest that people are TRYING to kill themselves around trucks.

OK, so maybe they're not trying, but they very commonly do exactly what you're saying - they see a truck, and automatically determine its speed to be much slower that any driver paying attention could see the truck going. I've had some very, very close calls on major highways with people who jumped out in front of trucks.

I'll never forget one commuter who came over so soon that, had I not done some quick and careful counter-manuevers, he would have clipped the front passenger fender and wheel before causing a massive highway incident which would have involved the F350, the Skid-Steer and trailer, the 5 co-workers and I who were in the truck, and who knows how many other vehicles that would have got crunched in that wreck.

I had five severely pissed off co-workers for a while there.

But that's why they always had me drive - they trusted me to keep them out of those situations, and I've had to do it more than I'd like to remember. All due to drivers who perceive trucks to be much slower, even if a truck is holding speed.
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