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Made it back to Oregon. Always a bit strange to arrive home after some time away in another country. Small things that you completely forget about, things that you live without.

The students were very happy with their experience, practically every one of them talked about when they could go back to CR, asking how they could go about working in CR...even buying property!

Let's see among the 12 of them they collectively...saw a guy get shot from about 15 feet away, got sick and hospitalized...twice for one gal...saw some of the most amazing sunsets ever...took salsa / merengue dance to play guitar and sing at bars, and get invited their backpack / passport stolen with the ol-I'm-selling-lottery-tickets-and-won't-quit-bothering-you-while-my-partner-slips-your-backpack-off-the-chair-from-behind-you-while-you're-telling-me-no-gracias ruse...participated in bull-fights...bought paintings from an 80 year old Chilean who has "never worked a day in his life, only painted" (his words) and is more lucid than you can imagine...made friends for life and became adopted sons and daughters...saw toucans, iguanas, spiders bigger than they cared for, macaws, monkeys, pizotes, some type of wildcat, sea-horse, vultures and manta-ray,
to name a few...ate more gallo pinto than they thought possible...learned lots of Spanish, tons about themselves and what it means to live in another culture, albeit short: they had a blast.

I started putting this program together about a year ago. Had no idea if it was going to generate enough interest and 12 students signed up, the minimum necessary to make it a go. It took me back to my own study abroad experiences in CR and it was cool to see them grow in lots of different ways.

Loved my Perlita...she's a champ. I felt like I blended in, got very few stares riding it around because there's lots of them. Even so, many people would compliment me on it, saying what a great bike it was, how much did it fast would it go......seriously.

House construction starts early next year. Hopefully, it will be a nice stop-over for long distance riders in the not-so-distant future. Keep it in mind.

Gracias por acompañarme

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