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I used to drive a semi, and yes, people are idiots around trucks. I'm guessing its a gqme to them. Unfortunately I've hit people and not known it, had people pull a uturn right in front of me and I prayed thqt I wouldnt hit them, had people jump in front of me just to stop and I hit him. The cop told me I need to be in control of my truck, I told him I am in control but I cant control the people around me. Yes there is a big space in front of my truck, I need it incase I have to stop, and if you take it, guess who's getting run over?
Semis aren't too bad because most of the drivers take their profession seriously. They're not landscapers, small-time scrap metal dealers or minimum-wage equipment-rental employees. The guys hauling excavators and the like behind pickup trucks are often the cause of the problem because their "rigs" are totally inadequate when it comes to ability to change speed or direction yet half the drivers still think it's ok to drive like they are in their family car. I've lost count of the number of times some douchbag in a beat-up F250/350/whatever has passed me doing 15-over, pulling an overloaded/badly secured utility trailer or fifth wheel. The f***ing manufacturers don't help when all of their advertisements for full sized trucks are filled with images of plaid-clad cowboys hauling impossibly large loads across terrain 99% of their customers will never see.
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