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Well looks like the fight will be over. The dealer called me while I was at work. Told me that he had connected the ECU and the Immo. They paired up good and the bike didnīt throw any faults anymore. GREAT, but he just couldnīt get it to turn over. We debated what ever it could be. He said he absolute couldnīt do anything anymore, because of the projects scale. He could tear it down and install a complete new harness and start from there, but it would be EXPENSIVE. I said drop it, iīll pick it up when time is. Got the bike home and Svane and i looked it through. And correct it behaved very well though nothing happened when pushing the starter. It made the startup procedure and lights where good, but no turning? We were fooking lost, I tell you gents. This is the first time iīve been a bit dissapointed because iīve made all the steps correct and i have taken my time at doing the stuff well. Especially the electrical pieces, which i was scared working at because of my lack of knowledge.
Svane brought some beers and we discussed the further move. We agreed to strip the pieces one by one. We started at the starter interlock because it still threw the green "neutral" switch while we would engage the gear. hmmm... The neutral switch and sidestand switch was bought from new as i didnīt want to mess with it, like these problems. But hey, we f...king are...
Just trying to clean up the bike and dismounted the Bazzaz unit and mounted the sidestand switch and gear selector in the original harness. Cleared some other stuff. We turned the key and the engine turned as an normal RC8R would......................................

HAHAAAHHAHA, we went insane for a couple of minutes. I donīt recall drinking 2-3-4 beers that fast ever...unholy mother of all batcave shit. I just wished my dad could have seen this. AAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhh what a feeling.

Iīm sitting here the night after and trying to look into what to do.
My initial thoughts are to dismount the bazzaz unit, but the unit lit up from the start and shouldnīt be a problem. hmmm. Would call the danish Bazzaz supplier and try get a new wiring. Regarding the manual iīve done it right. But hey Svane says iīm good at faults

Iīll keep you posted when stuff gets hairy. Iīve allready booked a holeshot contest with Svane on his KTM 505 against my Behemoth on a sandtrack.

Fuck me. I love this forum.
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