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[QUOTE=06EXTN;20323218]This is my girlfriend's daughter.(been dating/living together 2 yrs) She's 12 and loves to ride on the Versys. I picked her up from school last friday on it and she was the envy of all her friends. She told me when we got home "Next time, you need to pick me up on the Ninja!"

She's not "mine" - but I sure love her to death. Perhaps someday she'll call me dad....


Keep up the good work, but don't go for the "dad" word. She has one.
Make sure she loves you, that is far more important.

I got three girls when I married. The oldest daughter had already left home, the middle daughter lived with us for about three years then got married. I raised the youngest from age nine. I am Gary to them have never been dad. I always refer to them as my daughters. My youngest show me how important I am to her when she gave her youngest son my middle name. Being there for her when she needs you is much more important than being "dad."
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