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Originally Posted by Beezer View Post
Mr Canoehead.... " The only issue has been that it eats bulbs - seems like every couple of months, another bulb goes and I have become an expert at replacing them."

you need to get a meter on that soon. I had an '83 242 that had really nice bright lights... then it boiled the battery, and as they say.... the light went on (in my head). there is no over voltage warning on that car & the regulator was shot. long/short... I replaced bulbs left & right.... then the switches. headlight, ignition, etc.... when the car overvolts it also over amps & cooks the contacts in the switches
Thanks for the concern, but it has been doing that since day 1 and the first battery lasted 10 years, so after 12 years I'm pretty sure the problem hasn't gotten worse and isn't doing any real damage.

When it was on warranty, the dealer replaced the bulbs for free, but when the warranty expired and I had them replace one tail light bulb, they charged me $27! After that, I went to NAPA and stocked up on $1.49 bulbs. I just replaced another running light bulb this morning - took about 5 mins.
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