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Originally Posted by OldRoadToad View Post
Playing on your own history instead of stealing another's? How novel.

If HD were to make a fake Yamaha, I would belittle them as much as I do those finger puppets over at Yamaha/Starley. But they are too smart for that. Yamaha however is staffed with licentious libertines.

Honda did well to market their own storied history with the new CB1100. I will not be buying one as it does not meet my needs for range due to an insufficiently sized fuel tank. It is beautiful and all the more so because it looks exactly like a Honda should.

You know...A Honda.

The truth is palatable to those with a taste for it. This Honda is unmistakably Honda.

The Toad

Checked the CB out at the Chicago show, the booth's crowds were mostly congregated around that one bike. There's no doubt the designers were genuinely in touch with the company's history, it's actually uplifting to watch the videos where they talk about working on the bike. That team should be given it's next project pronto.
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