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This (and the Bolt thread) is interesting, imho, in the sense of how a bike manufacturer balances heritage with innovation.

eg. HD dropped the XR1200, afaik. The VRod bombed in the USA. I find that a bit sad.

eg. Yamaha dropped the MT-01, brought out the Bolt. I also find that sad.

But it goes right back to consumers, at the end of the day. I read an interview with Simon Warburton, head of production for Triumph, and he said the biggest shackles on his team were riders themselves.

Not Bloor, not 'the suits', but what the public would actually purchase, when it came to signing on the dotted line.

He said, amongst consumer groups, bikers were notoriously conservative.

We like to think we are rugged individuals, Warburton's hint is that we are the biggest sheep of all.
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