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Originally Posted by Boondoggle View Post
looks like a great time. I love shooting things, rather than paper.

Pow is cool, Pow-TING is better

Hey wasn't it you that picked up an LCR a couple months ago? .357 IIRC, how are you liking it?
yup . loving it . nice and compact , fits well in the pants . comes in somewhere around 20 oz. loaded with holster .
I compared it size wise to my uncles .380 body guard and they are very similar in size .

.375 kicks back into the web of the hand pretty good , to the point of soreness if you shoot it alot , so I usually practice with .38 to draw, aquire and shoot on target , then finish up the session with 10 or 15 rounds of .357 , also more economical that way , I am having a hard time finding .357 target ammo around here , what I can find is the 100 round boxes of hollow point but its $53 - $58 where as the .38 is around $27 - $30 for 100 rounds.

bottom line , yes I would buy it again and would recommend it .
certainly as a carry gun , but not really a gun you would spend the day target shooting with .
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