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I have lifted the bikes (K75s and ZR7s) on in Rose Blanche and taken them off in Burgeo. I have lifted them on in Bay L'Argent and taken them off in Pooles Cove.
Both times they had to be tied to the foredeck and the salt spray will cover them. Both times the operator put the sling through the rear wheel and from the handlebars. I used a towel to keep the webbing from tearing up the paint on the side panels above the rear wheel. These guys are experts but it is use at your own risk.
As for your proposed route do you know that the boat from Burgeo is not the boat that will take you to Hemitage? You will have to offload in Francois i believe and wait for the next boat coming from Hermitage. If i recall correctly this only happens once a week which is why i have not done this stage. An overnight is required.
Good luck and be prepared for a culture shock.
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