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Un momento de sobriedad

I guess you're never really safe on a motorcycle. I stopped for a break in Jalpan today, and met three guys on their sport bikes and full racing leathers. They took off first. I finished my break, then left Restaurante Karina's wondering how fast and how far they had gone.

Above Pinal de Amoles, I saw them with two other riders parked by the side of the road, helmets off. I gave them the *thumbs up* and they returned it, so I rode on, enjoying getting my chicken strips disappeared on the new bike. About 15 minutes later I heard the high pitched whine of their motors behind me, and waved them around. They were flying, and as much as the Oyster thinks I'm fast, these guys were tearing it up, using both lanes, and simulating a track day on one of the greatest motorcycling roads in Mexico. I soon lost sight of them, and about 5 minutes later, I came around a curve below the village of Camargo, to find two of them in the road, waving me to slow down.

I immediately saw why. One of the riders who had joined them when I passed them, apparently had a head-on with a car coming the other way. I am not sure if the error was hers or the driver of the car, but his car was a a standstill in his own lane. I think the rider was a girl, but never saw her with her helmet off. Her friends and some other by-standers were fishing her out of some brush about 15 feet below the roadbed. She had a leather jacket and full face helmet, but just jeans on her legs. I helped the other two drag her bike off the road, then we all gathered sand and dust to throw over the oil spill area. They got her into a car to drive her the 70 miles or so to a hospital in Queretaro.

It was a sobering moment, and I left after most of it was under control. I found myself riding with a heightened sense of caution and the tenuousness of being after that. Say some prayers for a fellow biker tonight inmates. I hope she will recover fully.

Her bike after we dragged it to the inside of the curve.

Her tank was over the guardrail on the outside of the curve.

Ride wrecklessly amigos.
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