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Originally Posted by Craneguy View Post
Since you can find yourself in a head-on situation in your own lane, going into the other is not a smart move.

I hope she's OK and her buddies learned a valuable lesson.

I met a taxi in my lane in a blind corner a few weeks ago. I jinked over and just missed him. The look on his face was priceless... wide open mouth and eyes as big as saucers. I was was my third near-miss of the day and I guess I was used to it. For the record all three involved taxis, although in one the taxi only played a supporting role to a U turning concrete truck. Happy days...

Hah! Lane-swapping aside, for me it distills down to my very basic sense that they were going way too fast for a public road. I remember after they passed me, I actually rode a bit less aggressively.
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