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I am just sitting here with random thoughts between blows in the Bolt thread. I have nit picked the CB to death and really dont have much to really hang my hat on as far as complaints go. And then I thought about this.

I wonder how the lighting is on this thing? That seems to always be a problem with me. Isnt the bulb like a 55/60watt? I think that is what my Sportster was and it was pretty pathetic. I replaced it with a 80/100 and ran it on high beam all of the time. I finally burned up the connectors in the bucket after about 5K miles. It did improve the lighting though.

Lighting is one of those places that everybody seems to scrimp on. The absolute best light I have ever seen is the LED headlight from HD. Its like 4 or 5 hundred bucks though. The company that makes it wont sell it to anybody but HD. That way, they can mark it up and bypass the middle guy. But man, what a difference this thing makes according to pictures and testimonials from the Sporty guys. I cant believe these things are not more available.

Am I the only one that has thought about lighting? I live where deer are everywhere and you have to really be on your toes at night in certain areas.
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