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53 and rain here this morning. I have no worries about getting wet with a well cared for Aerostich kit and I change my shield out to a pinlock to keep the fogging down. The pinlock works superbly.

That being said, I wear glasses most of the time, and although my shield may not fog, my glasses will. The Shoei Multitech has a lever which can either lock the shield down or crack it a bit. This feature is invaluable. My chin vent is always open, even last Friday when it was 25 on the way in to work. Without that vent open there wasn't a hope in hell of keeping my shield clear.

I suppose there is a different riding position which will cause the shield to open unintentionally, but none of the bikes I ride fit into this category. I have never used the shield lock feature but I use the shield crack open a bit feature a lot in spring/fall.
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