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Chain Slider

Don't know if I have missed your reply but I am waiting to hear back from you regarding where to send the Elefant and possibly the Gran Canyon chain slider. Please feel free to contact directly via email or cell phone: 706-627-7060.
Regards, Donald L.

Originally Posted by Dewey V View Post
How would one of the fine people that I made a chain slider kit for in the past like to help out their fellow Elefant owners?
Here is the situation, the demand for sliders has not abated but I don't have my drawings or my Elefant anymore.
If one of you would send me your entire chain slider kit (at my expense, of course) then I could take the measurements that I need and I can start producing them again. I will return your parts to you in less than 1 week from the time that I receive them.

I thank you and I'm sure that your fellow 'Fant owners will thank you.
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