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Originally Posted by soyanarchisto View Post
I gained weight when I broke my leg. Inactivity does that to ya.
Despite running*, I gained appx 40# when I jacked up my back. Didya know doing the clean and jerk on an RT is bad for your lower back? Neither did I till the DMV tester lady 'wasn't looking at me' and that's what I did.

I'm back down to within 5-10# of where I was in '05 (165ish) when I officially got my MC license despite dropping my bike during the test. I'd *like* to get back to where I was in college (155#) but I don't see that happening without adding MANY more miles/week.


*make that hashing. Hashing = lots of Stone Pale Ale = lots of empty calories. Add some junk food and presto chango! there's a fat SOB looking back at me from the mirror.
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