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This weekend I was test-assembling things to make sure all the fuel tubing runs could be made and all the various connectors & wires were where they needed to be & providing signal. There was a small snag - without the injector connectors on, the throttle bodies fit fine, but the connectors hit the middle spine of the frame, keeping the whole throttle body from sitting on the mount correctly. Twisting the TB's around helped a little on one side, but the other would run into interference with the battery box or the TPS sensor. After disassembling & looking at the TBs closely, I realized that I could just rotate the injector so that the connector exited between the fuel rail and TB instead of on the far side of the TB.

Now they could sit the way I had intended so any bubbles in the fuel could get bled out just through buoyancy. An added benefit is that the throttle cable doesn't need to bend as sharply around the engine to connect to each TB, making the routing a bit easier.

The downside to this is that the holes in the injector aren't pointing in the same orientation as stock, so I may be getting more wall-wetting than normal, but we'll see if that seems to be an issue once it fires up.

I also stole the battery from the project car, charged it a bit, and was using it to drive the starter so that I could get a much more consistent engine position/speed signal than kicking it could hope to provide. Anyhow, after adjusting the VR pickup in the cam end cover where the points used to be so that it was slightly closer to the toothed wheel, and fixing a couple settings in the code, the Megasquirt had no problems syncing up to the engine, showing a cranking speed of 250 - 300 RPM, as well as reading the coolant head temperature, air pressure, and throttle position.

Things are getting done slowly, but they are moving in the right direction!
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