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Originally Posted by scottalot View Post
Thank you very much for the wealth of knowledge related to me search. I will keep all of this in mind while I continue my search ..

Chucktown = Charleston SC, A good place to live if I don't say so myself. Thankfully, snow, ice, salt and rust are usually not much of a concern around here. Thus, I'm trying to only buy a car that has not live in colder, more corrosion prone climents.

It really is sounding like the 90's model's Volvo's are going to be my best bet. Simplicity of mechanics, low failure rates, affordable repairs, and reliability all seem to fall within this category.

I like the Subaru's but I'm not looking for expensive repairs or bad seats either. At 6'4" I need a good seat and plenty of legroom.

As I type this I'm thinking about the rain that is predicted in my are the next couple days. Its getting pretty dark and nasty looking outside at the moment. Makes for a less enjoyable ride to/from work in the elements. On the upside, at least its supposed to rain a lot tonight; I rather hop on the bike after a bunch of rain than after a slight sprinke that leaves the roads slick with residue.
OK if you've tentatively decided on a Volvo, here's a bit more info:
The RWD 740/940 (essentially the same car, they even made both models for '91 & '92) are simple and rock solid. They have the 4 cylinder bullet proof motor that Volvo had built for decades. They ended production of this line in '95, so they're getting a little long in the tooth -- look for one that's been well cared for. '93 - '95 are the pinnacle years -- the most desirable... especially turbos.
Someone earlier in this thread commented on the Control Arm Stay Bushings being a problem area. That WAS absolutely correct -- two years/20K miles was the life expectancy (ridiculous!). Just replace them with poly bushings from FCP Groton or IPD, and they'll likely last longer than you own the car -- I've had mine on for 7-8 years and well over 100K miles. Oh, and for parts... the aforementioned FCP Groton is a great parts source. They are a bricks and mortar Volvo/BMW/Saab parts supplier located in Groton, CT that has a very robust online business. The nice thing is, you call there and you speak with a parts professional who knows your car. Your buying alternator/AC/PS belts... he asks you if you want the accessory mount bushings that may need replacing too. (It's nice working with pros!) And their service & return policy is fantastic.

The 960 (later rebadged as S90 sedan & V90 Wagon) are wonderful cars, but more luxurious, refined, and thus more complex. IMHO, they don't fit your criteria.

Want even more reading?

Everything you ever wanted to know about RWD Volvos -- including what to look for when purchasing one:

Good luck!
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