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Originally Posted by scottalot View Post
Chucktown = Charleston SC, A good place to live if I don't say so myself. Thankfully, snow, ice, salt and rust are usually not much of a concern around here. Thus, I'm trying to only buy a car that has not live in colder, more corrosion prone climents.
The reason I asked is that I lived in Charleston for 14 years. There is a long history of Volvo's there & as you say, in that climate you really don't need AWD.

Back in the 70's/80's for Volvo, there was Rumph's off of Archdale St downtown. They moved uptown & it changed hands a few times since. I think it has morphed into Reputable Volvo but I left there in '01 so I can't really comment on their service.

I never had one but several people I knew with a 760/960 had issues, I'd stick with the 4cylinders.

I wouldn't mind finding a nice southern car myself.
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