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officer was a dick. undisputed.
officer rearended bike. undisputed.
officer should be cited. undisputed.
rider's actions as a contribution? disputed.

what i'm getting at, is that the traffic was flowing. even slowing to allow the car over to merge, why the heck would anyone come to a complete and abrupt halt? the car was signalling a lane change, but had NOT crossed over the line. sure, i would have slowed so as not to be in the driver's blind spot and to give clearance, but i sure as heck would not have stopped when there was no need. i'm sure that all of you know the value of being aware of what is behind you as well as what is ahead and to the side.

HAD it happened and i was investigating it, YES i would have cited the officer. on top of that ticket, he'd be getting his own little blanket party for making the rest of us look like asses. while most of us value our stuff too much to intentionally risk damaging it, others dont have that same value. thats where i'm going with the fraud statement. people are out there doing this. i've witnessed it first hand as the investigator. while it doesnt change what we as law enforcement does ON the scene... what we observe can affect the outcome later on. i'm not biased towards the officer because i'm one. i'm not biased towards the rider because i'm one. i am and will remain unbiased. what i've given is my observation of it.

i'll just say this. i could end up any day on a ride with any of you. in any case, drinks for all and we'll be merry. we all have our opinions and we're all entitled to them. like me or not, i hate to see any of you guys end up under ANY car. ride safe and avoid the actions depicted in the video. right or wrong, at fault or not, better riding could have prevented it from happening the same as if the officer had not been as close.

ride safe, guys.
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