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Originally Posted by scottalot View Post
Looking at buying a new to me used car or truch since I sold my truck. Really don't care to much which one I get.

I do have some draw towards the Volvo Station Wagons, my age is showing lol..

I'm a little nervous about getting one though, esp with turbo. I hear the turbo's go out and are very expensive to fix..

So, are my sources right? Should I run from a volvo, esp one with turbo.. How are the $'s on general repairs?

One I'm looking at is a 2002 Volvo V70 Turbo with 86,000 miles on it.. Thanks in advance for any info..
YOU sir should be burned at the stake for even asking this, do you realise that here in blighty volvo drivers are the skerg of bikers and must be avoided at all costs, volvo drivers love nothing more than to daydream that that they are rolling over the step in there panzerwagons when in fact they are rolling iover the great ones choosen people(motorcyclists), nay sir do your karma some good and avoid these obscene contraptions.
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