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Bears & camping

Done a lot of camping in bear country and have narrowed down my deterrents based on location. When in the states I use Bear Spray and a pistol. The pistol may be my S&W model 29 44 MAG or my Judge revolver which is a 45 long Colt with possibility of also using 410 shot shells in the chamber.
In Canada (NO PISTOLS ALLOWED) I bring along Bear Spray and my marine signal flare pistol. The 12 ga. signal flare pistol is made by ORION and is mandatory for me to carry on my boat while fishing tournaments on The Great Lakes and Green Bay. It is an Orange plastic pistol that has a strap on the bottom that carries six projectiles that are flares. The burn time is 7 seconds. The sound is like a 12 ga shotgun. This is the most effective when a real gun is not allowed as in Canada. Of course you have to use it wisely as if it is dry you can start a fire. You also have to use the spray wisely as if you have a slight breeze back in your direction you get sprayed. I recommend you get one and learn how to take the locking device off and see how they spray. I tell the people I have a flare gun and bear spray when asked about weapons at the border crossings. Some want to see it and I have it in my tank bag along with the spray. If questioned I tell them I keep it in my boat while in Canada and bring it on my motorcycle to be safe while camping.
Have done the Dalton, Dempster, Denali, Trans Lab and The Cassiar. Most bears per day on the Cassiar. Will be going up to D2D again via the Cassiar this June.
Bears can be a real hassle. One from Northern Wisconsin killed a lot of livestock and family pets. It was on my property eating apples. I made a phone call to the sheriff and he said shoot it if I could. I shot it with my bow and is now a rug in my sun room.
Another is a nice bear rug in my basement. During a houseboat trip on Lac Seul in Canada he wanted to participate in our Friday Night Fishfry with ten of us. I had a Spring bear permit at the time and he got to spend some time in the freezer on the way home. Ontario has since suspended spring bear hunts so there are a lot of them in the areas I fish.
Using my spray or flare gun is a last resort as the spray cost a lot of money and the flares can cause a fire. I recommend practicing how this stuff works before you try to use it.

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