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I see you are using the stock mirrors and that it appears that they were adjusted by the ground. They didn't break the mounting assembly? The reason I ask is that I like the larger size of the stock mirrors in my urban area but fear riding in the dirt with them. What's your thought on them in the dirt?
The right side mirror I cracked the glass a little after picking the pick up. It fell onto its side offroad. The left side mirror was actually adjusted by the ground a bit, but I moved it to the location shown in the picture because I did not want it to be smashed and busted if I dropped the Tiger again on that hill. I loosened the controls so that I can move them by hand (still takes some doing, they don't just flop around). I saw some of these mirrors at the local dealer and am considering putting them on the Tiger as they fold inwards.

I have dropped the Tiger on the right side since cracking the mirror and it has not gotten any worse, surprisingly. If I were to do it again I would just take them off and put the EMGO mirrors on from the start.
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