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Originally Posted by Tonk View Post
Why can't things like this be handeled in a responsible, respectable, professional, humane way. Here's the situation....

Rider gets hit by tailgating cop but no real damage done (in this case).

Cop approaches rider and says.... "I apologize for hitting you, are you OK?"

Rider, seeing that he and the bike are fine says.... "I'm OK."

They talk about the accident and exchange info if need be and move on.

I know getting rear ended is a very serious and dangerous event and many riders have been hurt or killed by this. I'm sure this rider (and myself) learned a lot from this accident and will be a better rider in the future due to this experience. The cop also learned a lesson and will probably stop dicking with his cell phone, computer or wiener in the future and pay more attention to traffic.

Some mandatory anger management for this cop wouldn't hurt either.
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