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After all the talk about bomb-proofing the frame for shipping, and the insurance speak, I decided not to ship the frame.

Prior to that, I was already wrestling (big time) with the idea of handing Mr. UPS or FedEx guy my frame, and then leaving it in the hands of fate. So, because of the all the posts, and my 42 years of bad karma, I just opted to try to get something done locally.

I found an outfit, here in San Antone, that does a lot of polishing work on antiques (brass and copper pieces, chandeliers, etc.), and performance auto pieces (intakes, turbos, superchargers, etc.)

Anyhow, I hired them to get a lot of the larger nicks outta' the frame, and then do some polishing. I also worked on the frame, using the "Blue Magic and Charmin" method, that HOT DAMN! posted.

I wasn't real impressed with their work; They left a lotta' wheel marks on the surface. But, like not being able to find a lotta' the components I originally wanted, that (the quality of their work) is kind of a blessing. As I posted, I don't want the bike to be too perfect, as I want to be able to enjoy riding it.

Anyhow, here it goes...





Yes, my pics suck. And, to quite a few of you, it probably looks worse than when it started. But, I think it will come-together, nicely.

We'll see...

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