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Originally Posted by Smithy View Post
My guess is that they'll start allowing transfer of Elite tank XP to Free XP with silver, instead of gold. Not unlike the change in premium ammo purchases, at the same conversion rate. Currently it costs 1 gold for 25 XP, so 400 silver/25XP conversions?

I bet there are a lot of XP locked up in tanks with players unwilling to buy gold to shift that experience to Free XP.
If that happens, the number of bad players at high tier is going to go through the roof. This whole new population of players that have joined in the past few months seems to be obsessed with getting to Tier 10 without bothering to learn how to play the game, I guess with the assumption that having the biggest tank will help make them good at the game. I just hope they have short attention spans and move on when that assumption is proven wrong. I saw a 2K battle, 43% win rate player in a IS-7 last weekend. He was, predictably, parked in the back beside the arty.
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