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Originally Posted by vwboomer View Post
this is just retarded. It's almost impossible to play.
2 horrible losses with the T30, 1 win.

This last loss, it was 1-15. I had the only kill and that was their T50 How is it possible for everyone to be that freaking stupid?

piss on it.
Platoon up, and if XVM says the team is bad - hole-up back at, or near, the base... you should be able to get some kills beyond a T-50 by just waiting for the enemies to come to you after your team is decimated.

If you aren't doing 3000 damage rounds with the t30 at least somewhat often (not on average though), something its wrong. Support with your guys and stay alive, or defend and at least get some damage. Just, whatever you do, don't find some half-way point that isn't defending, and isn't immediately supporting. That's my best guess on what to suggest.
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