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Wheel Alignment

RVDan suggested you check the rear wheel alignment. I concur mine and many other of the CX650Es had this problem.

Remember (in years gone by) how we used to string the rear wheel to make sure the chain was properly adjusted? If not, heres how:-

Set the bike in the vertical position with the front wheel straight. You cant use the center stand, it will get in the way.

Run a string from a couple of feet ahead of the front wheel all the way around the bike about 6 inches off the ground - to a couple of feet ahead of the front wheel on the other side.

Pull the string snug and ensure that it just touches the sidewall at the front of rear tire.

At this point the string should be equi distant from the sidewall of the front tire on both sides. (the front tire is more narrow than the rear tire).

If the rear wheel is cocked (probably to the left) you will see it right away.

I had to put a spacer about 3/32 between the driveshaft housing and the final drive unit.

All the best, Pete in Comox

PS I'll be by your way 2nd or 3rd week in April, on my way to pick up another 650E in Calgary, but don't think I'll have time to stop.
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