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Anyone else do this? I got into it when I started riding offroad in '99. The hassle of running it takes away from the pleasure of riding but it pays back now that now that bike season is over in Boston. This is my setup:

My camcorder is an old bulky sony digital but it's still kicking - I have crashed it hard enough to skip the recording head, I've ridden in heavy rain, dust, heat, basically done everything to it that the manual says not to. My only regret is that now, one that's 10x better is a lot less than the $735 I paid back in the day Now you can buy digital decks about the size of an old walkman for a lot less...

I've posted in the tech forum on purpose; not sure if my web host limit can handle the hits that most of this site gets. I've seen a little video here but would like to see more - I'm sure there is some to go with all the killer photos that get posted. I'll bump this once in awhile.

Here's a shot of 12A just south of pratt road in alstead NH. The road was ground + overlaid last summer, then closed by floods in October.
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