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I didn't make these statements...

Originally Posted by Trane Francks View Post
Yep. You're 100% literal, 100% of the time. I'm sure it must lead to some interesting disagreements:

A: "I always wear my seatbelt. ATGATT!"
B: "I call BS. You're telling me you wear your belt while taking a crap?"

...So I don't own them, and yes I've had some interesting disagreements because people sometimes speak before they think, myself included but I try not to make statements like "I cover the levers 100% of the time when I ride" when it's not really the fact. I also have not chimed in here and tried to explain to Joe from SF what he did wrong, could have done differently or should have done differently. I've had the same thing happen with a different outcome. Joe obviously has anylized this over and over again, kudos to him for posting this up and leaving himself wide open for critisism and being a class act the whole way. No, I'm not a very popular guy sometimes but that's ok. I accept that. I hope you all ride safe and never have anything bad happen to you. Keep those levers covered.
Ride on.
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