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I've been struck from the rear on a motorcycle. In reality, I became aware of screetching sounds with just enough time to blip the throttle and get most of my bike out of the way.
After the contact, I got off the bike, ascertained the damage (none, really), and nodded to the driver (who, by the white of his face and with his family yelling at him had clearly learned he needed to pay closer attention). Satisfied all was well, I toodled on my way with a good 'close shave' story.

I agree, the incident in the video should have been a similar 'non-event'.

But the officer's actions made this something much more significant. I'm the last one to make a big stink out of something minor, but Flashmo nailed it on the head a few posts back with the 'Deprivation of Rights' stuff.

With an attitude like the one the LEO displayed, he needs some serious edumacation on civil rights! Which probably means escalating the issue by legal means.
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