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Originally Posted by RideFreak View Post
If you read some of the posts from the GoPro forums they aren't having good luck using the GoPro in record mode while running off the USB cable. It's fine for playback running off USB. I'm going to sacrifice (take apart) a battery so I can connect wires to it internally, leave the metal back off the cam and run the wires out the back of the openings in the non-waterproof case cover, whan I can get around to it. Too many projects, not enough time.
Here's a recent ride shot mostly with the H3 @ 1080/60, still working on the settings to get rid of the jello effect from stabilization.

Awesome Vid Ridefreak!! Love the singeltrack stuff and makes my busted arm yearn even more for it.

I was thinking of charging the Go Pro via USB and saw your comments. Why prey tell does it seem to function well on Playback but not record do ya know? Have your heard if this is an issue with all Go Pro's or just the Hero model (I just have a HD Go Pro)?
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