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Ulysses lefties easier than righties

I've just had a week away on my Buell Ulysses riding around Victoria and the Snowy Mountains.
I have noticed that my bike seems to turn left corners easier than right. As in it feels like its heavier to countersteer on right handers.
I thought it might be just me possibly being more comfortable on lefties but the rear tyre has worn more on the right side than the left. When i left home it was an almost new tyre, now there is still tread on the left side but the right side is worn to the bottom of the tread grooves. They are road tyres. My mate who was with me reckons I must go round right handers harder than lefts but I don't think so.
Could there be something wrong or misaligned with my bike? There is no adjustment on the rear wheel (belt drive) so it should be tracking straight.
Any ideas or explanations ?
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