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Originally Posted by redog1 View Post
...So I don't own them, and yes I've had some interesting disagreements because people sometimes speak before they think, myself included but I try not to make statements like "I cover the levers 100% of the time when I ride" when it's not really the fact.
In the spirit of smooth conversation, I often find it helpful to agree with what I know to be the spirit of a statement rather than choose to pick apart a literal impossibility. I understand the impossibility of speaking in absolutes. That said, it's just not functional to dispute "always cover the levers" when it's understood -- or should be -- that the meaning amounts to "(endeavor to) always cover the levers (as much as possible)".

Getting back on topic: The plunge that the OP had has given me a hint that I might want to take an offroad riding course prior to trying anything even remotely gnarly. Originally, I had thought to just start off easy and work my way up on my own. Now I'm not so sure that's the best idea.
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