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Just stumbled on this thread, and like others, have memories flooding back...

First, the P.K. Ripper: I always liked the dull look of aluminum, but I think your polished frame will look awesome with the freshly chromed forks. My Mom bought a pallet of parts at a police auction that had a original painted P.K Ripper frame and fork. It was black, and probably the lightest BMX I had felt up until that point. I don't remember much about it, because we sold it to fund the build of my brother's dream bike: a Mongoose with all red components to match the red Z-Rims. The mongoose wasn't all that light, but it was sweet. My brother is still looking for a pair of the Tange nickel plated in-line drop-out forks to re-create that bike.

BMX hang out spots: A few miles from my house in San Jose, CA we had a place called Calabasas. It was a riverbed that got destroyed every winter, so it was always different. There were some pros that practiced there, and we saw some amazing stuff! The first time I had the wind knocked out of me was there. Good times.

My current bike: A few years ago, I bought an all aluminum 24" BMX Group-1 Haro off ebay. It had been neglected, and rode really badly, so I got it for a song. I went through everything, then painted it flat black to be stealthy at night. I keep it in another town at my mother-in-law's house, and use it for re-living my rebellious youth when we stay there. It's super light, and very well made. It even has miniature motorcycle style chain adjusters on the rear drop-outs. I added some Sickle forks for strength (I weigh 200 lbs). I had some custom decals made by a company on the net. The are not original style, but look like they should have been. The one mistake I made applying them was to pace the side stickers to low on the down tube. With the frame lying on its side, they looked good. Once assembled, they look too low.
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