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Cool set up Scrivens!

When I purchased my '08 GSXR600 I was really torn between it and a Bonnie. I really like Triumphs and the Bonnie is so cool.

What is funny to me about this discussion is the fact that going from a sport-bike to a Bonnie isn't considered a regression, but a choice. Which I fully understand and agree with...and so do most of the other posters. But, had the OP wanted to go to a Harley....well that would somehow be different???

I rode my GSXR for 18K and really enjoyed it. But, my back began to really complain. I chose to go in the direction of the Harley ('04 Road King) for the very reasons many of the posters have mentioned. Sure, it is not as fast as my sportbike was, but I don't risk tickets and getting in over my head as easy. It doesn't brake like the sportbike, but who would expect it to? It is just weird to me that choosing a KLR (which are easily out-paced by a Prius) or a Bonnie is acceptable, but the Harley isn't.

All that said, I would love to add a Bonnie one day. I still have quite a bit of Triumph stuff lying about that I cannot seem to part with, even though my Sprint is long gone.

Regardless of which bike you choose, make sure it is the one that sparks the flame inside you. The one that makes the open road, trail, or track call to you for just a little more adventure!!
Because it is my bike and I like it that way!
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