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Been catching up on some needed maintenance... also recently purchased a house. So finding a work/life/house/bike balance has been difficult to say the least

Day after I got it:

Started taking it apart:

Nice surprise:


On the bike:

Cleaned & Serviced:


Started putting it back together:

  • Bought it in January
  • Cleaned it fairly thoroughly of dirt/salt/mud
  • Replaced and serviced swingarm & linkage
  • Installed new chain rollers/slider/guide
  • Welded one of the subframe mounts
  • Cleaned & serviced the carb
  • Re-laced the rear wheel & balanced the tire
  • Installed a new air filter
  • Checked valve clearances
  • Loctite'd the front sprocket

Still have a few things to do... and that'll be all for the pre-season maintenance!
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