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Originally Posted by Sock Monkey View Post
Exactly why I threw it in here. Both are derived from their superbikes and "retuned" for more low/mid-range performance. Add in the other goodies to make a comfy "all roads" bike, and here we are. IMO this is the only competitor to the MTS12 on the performance end of the adventure touring genre, so if the OP can't swing the $20k+ (US) cost of the MTS12, the KTM may be a good "second choice" if he's after sportbike-like performance. I'll leave the comments on aesthetics alone.....

And let's hope this is indeed a home run for KTM. Given their financial situation, they can't afford to have this bike be anything less, and I for one like having them in the marketplace. To say they are a "disruptive force" is a bit of an understatement.....

Agreed. Though I have no KTM experience whatsoever I hope it works for them. I feel the same about the Caponord. Aprilia could stand to get on base with that bike as well, though it doesn't sound like it will disrupt the Multi's momentum based on the specs.
But for somebody looking to get a European bike with a lot of technojiz for not too much money, it could be a solid choice too.
I'm eager to see it, but then I like Aprilias and have since they arrived on these shores. I bought my first Aprilia in 2000 and have been rooting for them ever since.
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