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“Live Life” or “Social Media”? TX

Some might find my writing being at times controversial, it is not it's purpose or object to be as such. Sometimes thoughts have a tendency to crawl in and agitate a present situation as it happened not so long ago. I only know about these two sides of a wall when loosing touch with Friends too busy trying to gain a spot so seeked by too many within this saturated arena of the “Social Media Saloon” for a “throne” of an unfounded importance so superficial it made me wonder why?
I still don't know about those “why's”! Why give up one's own Life, the riding it could be, the hiking or for that matter any other self indulged activity to instead “do it” to only bring on the advertising as such of a “look at me” syndrome.
The “screen warriors” are of so many, at one point they will and do loose touch with themselves only caring for that seat so seeked perched up there in the middle of nowhere having lost the true feel of a ground, of an Earth bouncing back so intimate it's own feelings.
Just some thoughts, nothing else.
The “balance” of it all I find as the daily key for a smooth path mapped with much self awareness. Sometimes it is hard as the turmoil of the fonts can too easily absorb one's mind versus just “being out there” for one's self with much growth and true feelings slowly imprinting the present mind.

Be well, always.

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