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In extreme situations I can get up to 7 cameras mounted to my GS since I do ride training video. They're all D8 cameras, and I just route the cabling into a specially-modified Pelican box. For just one camera for my own personal use or easy shoots, I just put the record-camera into my tank bag, and run the cabling through a custom harness to wherever the camera is mounted. I use a modified ram mount system combined with a shock-mount for the armored case for the lipstick camera since it can be adapted to several hard points on the GS easily. I usually isolate the mic if it's there for ambient noise, or mount it taped to the rider's chest inside their jacket to eliminate wind noise, offset so there's no fastener/zipper noise.

The guy I work with also has a camera tower mounted to his training bike...we can get a nice aerial view from above and behind the rider.
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