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Talking Adventure Spec Hard Parts

Kinda new here and have been lurking and learning for a while -- anyway -- time to give back.

I recently took delivery of a 2013 Tiger XC and already got started with the farkles to make it more off-road capable. This tread has been extremely helpful in seeing installed photos and what people thought about them.

When looking at the available parts from Touratech, AltRider, Happy Trails and TwistedThrottle – there was a good assortment of bars / bash plates, etc that seemed to be close to “complete” but yet not quite. The front runner for me was the parts from AltRider but the price was an issue.

Then I came across Adventure-Spec out of the UK. They have a very minimal presence on this and other forums and I don’t think I’ve run across any posts in this thread showing their stuff.

After a few exchanges via email regarding questions about fitment, etc – I decided to take the plunge and order their Hard Parts Bundle. This included the crash bars, bash plate, side stand foot and rear luggage rack.

Let’s look at cost --
All in – it was $693 shipped to my door (ordered Sunday night – delivered Thurs). A similar kit from AltRider would have been ~$862 shipped and Twisted Throttle (SW-Motech) parts were $620 sans the sidestand foot extender as they don’t offer one for the Tiger 800.
Here’s my take on form/function –
  • Crash Bars: I think the AS set offers the best protection while having the closest stand-off. The others sacrifice a bit or are cluncky (e.g. OEM lower bars + Touratech upper bars). The only piece that gives me pause is that out of 4 mounting points on each side, only one is to the frame. I didn't look closely at the other options to see if there was a superior design with only frame connections. It does seem that the engine case mounting points are what the OEM crash bar uses. The Happy Trails bars look to have two frame points and two engine points on each side, but man -- they are W I D E.
  • Skid Plate: The AS version covers the oil filter and looks good. AltRider one looks the great but lacks the oil filter protection. I don’t like the SW motech two tone riveted construction but has oil filter protection. Touratech – come’on they aren’t even trying.

So that’s it on my reasoning – here are a few photos and thoughts during installation:

The supplied instructions from AS was a bit lacking (I think they are new to the market with this stuff and they have been open to feedback). In the instructions they assume some things and had an error or something else (specified 17mm socket and 5mm allen when it was actually a 14mm socket and 8mm allen). Overall the fitment was not hard, but I needed to take a few extra steps for it to work for me. Example – taking off the lower radiator fixing screw/bolt allowed the radiator to pivot forward enough for me to get my hand on the socket on the back of the frame bolt.

IMG_0496 IMG_0497

IMG_0498 IMG_0500


The other parts did not come with instructions, but weren’t necessary either. Do note that the skid plate installation required the removal of the charcoal canister. They didn’t mention it and since the European spec bikes don’t have one – it’s understandable. That caused a little "crunch time" research on how to remove the charcoal canister. From what I gathered, there are at least 4 opinions on the subject:

(1) Don't take it off because it risks the warranty.
(2) Affects nothing except it gives fuel vapors a place to stay before being harmlessly released into the environment - remove it plain and simple
(3) Remove it but plug the vacuum side otherwise it will throw a code
(4) Remove it and all the plumbing -- change the 4 way vacuum junction to a 3 way and call it good

I went with number 3. The trick then was to determine which line (out of two) was the vacuum vs the vent line from the tank. Easy - opened the fuel fill door and blew into each. The one without any resistance was the fuel tank vent.

Enough chatting –here are some photos:

IMG_0502 IMG_0503

IMG_0504 IMG_0506

IMG_0507 IMG_0508


IMG_0510 IMG_0511

IMG_0512 IMG_0501

I hope this was helpful.

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